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The Northernmost Sentenced Tribute Band

A Tribute To Sentenced

We don't just play. We create (N)everlasting memories

We are passionate Sentenced Fans and in our younger years were consumed by the captivating songs of the band so we want to pay tribute to Sentenced.

Now that they don’t exist anymore, we are still missing them a lot, so we started out by meeting up and just jamming their songs but eventually saw that we can do more than that, so we decided to also play live shows and deliver an authentic performance to at least keep the memory of this great band alive!

We record every show that we play on video from multiple angles so that YOU can watch the concert from YOUR event again and again.

And the best part: YOU can have a part in the production by sending us your videos that you filmed yourself so that we can include them into the concert movie.

We don’t just come to play a concert.

We Create Neverlasting Memories just for you.

Elinkautinen Tribute To Sentenced Band Live On Stage

1-Minute Video Introduction:

“Elinkautinen is not just a coverband, they are more! The atmosphere was electric and you could feel it in your fingers. I am looking forward to the next show!” – Anna P.

“At an Elinkautinen gig you get the best experience to witness Sentenced classics. Almost like Sentenced has risen from its grave.” – Joonas K.

“I never had the chance to see Sentenced live, but luckily the Sentenced Tribute Band Elinkautinen made it awesomely and I could feel myself as in a live concert of Sentenced!” – Mari-Ella S.

“I got so emotional, my taint got moist.” – Marco V.


Upcoming Shows

10.05.2024 - Tampere - Varjobaari - Biography Miika Tenkula Publication

31.05.2024 - Jyväskylä - Ilokivi - Biography Miika Tenkula Publication

13.09.2024 - Oulu - Kantakrouvi - Biography Miika Tenkula Publication

Past Shows


Use chapters to jump to the start


  1. Bleed
  2. May Today Become The Day
  3. Mourn
  4. Killing Me Killing You
  5. Drown Together
  6. Dead Moon Rising
  7. The Suicider
  8. Nepenthe
  9. Where Waters Fall Frozen
  10. Neverlasting
  11. Guilt And Regret
  12. Ever-frost
  13. The Rain Comes Falling Down
  14. The River
  15. Fragile
  16. My Slowing Heart
  17. Noose
  18. Sun Won’t Shine
  19. New Age Messiah
  20. Routasydän
  21. Funeral Spring
  22. Dreamlands
  23. Forever Lost
  24. Aika Multaa Muistot
  25. No One There
  26. Brief Is The Light
  27. End Of The Road
  28. Cross My Heart And Hope To Die
  29. Despair Ridden Hearts
  30. Desert By Night
  31. For The Love I Bear
  32. Blood & Tears
  33. You Are The One
  34. Bleed In My Arms
  35. Broken
  36. Farewell
  37. Lower The Flags
  38. We Are But Falling Leaves
  39. Vengeance is mine
  40. Excuse me while…
  41. The War Ain’t Over
  42. Dance on the Graves
  43. The Way I Wanna Go
  44. Northern Lights
  45. Phenix
(No Obligation)

The Band

Arttu - Vocals

Miika - Guitar

Elinkautinen Guitar Player Miika Korte
Click his picture if you want to learn to play guitar from Miika

Tomi - Guitar

Antti - Bass

Antti Saari Elinkautinen Bass Guitar

Otto - Drums

Elias - Keyboard/Piano


Officially endorsed by the family members of Sentenced:

Jatkakaa!” (“Keep it going!“) – Miika Tenkula’s Father to Arttu and Michael, Muhos, after the show, 16.03.2024 (published with explicit permission)

- Hönö Bar Owner

And we will include them in our next concert movie AND mention in the credits!

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